Senini: Flooring-Blocks-curbs


Senini was founded in 1960 as a manufacturer of masonry blocks that, very soon, integrates with the production of self-locking flooring and curbs, becoming over the years an undisputed leader in the sector.


Despite the evolution and transformation in time in a major industrial group, Senini maintains its imprint of family business where the activity is lived as an integral part of the household and life, where the search for quality and "beautiful"  They also became the confident focus on the environment.

2009-Photocatalyic Flooring

During these 56 years of activity Senini has continually invested and developed its own production site that today has 5 avant-garde plants becoming the first production pole in Italy. The last installation, for chronology as completed in 2009, is, to date, the only one in the world entirely prepared for the production of photocatalyic floorings that reduce the particulate pollutants.


The research, the innovation, the sensitivity towards the new trends and needs of the end user have brought Senini has always developed new products, shapes, colours.  The last born from this mission is the Tecnohemp line, of which are part the environment and BIO Beton products composed entirely of natural elements, ideal for partitions or for coats, provide high performances of thermal insulation and thermal mass Providing a natural humidity regulation and breathability for a more comfortable and healthy dwelling.