Quality is seen

The Resistance

The high resistance to mechanical, physical and chemical stresses of all products is guaranteed and certified. Each artefact is made of vibratory concrete and respects all the performances required by the CE marking: durability, resistance and abrasion.

The quality

The entire production follows the criteria and procedures for controlling the quality system ISO 9001 and environmental certification ISO 14001

The permeability

The permeability of the paving allows the filtering of the rainwater in the subsoil contributing to reduce the pollution of the rivers and of the superficial waterways.

The ecology

Senini floors are made only with natural raw materials that do not pollute the environment. In the photocatalytic version they become an active instrument for the reduction of pollutants. The environmental compatibility is also given by a greater harmony of the environment compared to the bituminous conglomerate and the thrown concrete.

The versatility

The wide range of shapes, colours and finishes allows to satisfy the most different needs of the designers and the companies both in function of the intended use and the architectural context.