Modular Blocks

A choice of value
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Durable and economical

The experience of over 40 years of production has shown that the blocks in vibrocompressed concrete retain the characteristics over time, with maintenance costs virtually nil.

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Senini blocks consist only of natural raw materials that do not pollute the environment, need, for the production, a limited amount of energy and also at the end of the life cycle are easily removable and reusable.

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Easy and fast to pose

The large size elements, the reduced joints, the visible blocks and the availability of special parts allow to realize in short time walls that meet the needs and the timing of the clients and the Companies.

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The availability of a wide range of colours, shapes and finishes satisfies the imagination and creativity of the designers and is perfectly compatible even with classic colours to create refined, elegant and stylish architectural structures.

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Modular and compatible

The compositional simplicity is remarkable: the juxtaposes of different colours and finishes are made with great ease and with original results, satisfying, impossible to obtain with other constructive systems.

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Our products have a high, guaranteed and certified resistance to mechanical, physical and environmental stresses to the requirements of the CE marking and to those of technical standards for Construction.