Quality and environment

Senini invests in research to help improve the quality of life and to build an "ecoenvironment": Houses, squares, streets and gardens where respect and care for the environment predominates, where attention to the wellbeing of people and the care of beauty are Heritage of all. Environments not only beautiful but also "healthy". Maximum transparency and maximum reliability: All Senini production uses only natural raw materials.

The quality of the product and the attention to the environment are primary and indispensable prerogatives. The certifications guarantee, through careful checks carried out by an accredited body, that the company operates in a perspective of sustainability and that it really aims with its products, to the satisfaction of the customer. Hence the choice of a certification that guarantees the total respect of these values related to:

The environmental certification (ISO 14001), not obligatory, represents a precise company choice and one of the key points of the Senini philosophy. The company has implemented a personalized system of environmental management in relation to its own activity and undertakes not only to keep under control the environmental impact but to work for a continuous improvement.

The commitment to respect the environment is demonstrated by the ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2000 and strongly desired by the company's top management. It is not easy to maintain faith in this commitment when the market continually leads to savings to remain competitive.

Yet we do not yield to the temptation to reduce costs:

  • of security (because those who work for us "live" in our home);
  • of production controls (because the customer must speak well of us);
  • of raw materials (we do not use materials of dubious origin or pollutants);
  • Emission control (every year we reduce dust, fumes, noise, sewage);
  • Waste management (we only use authorized and reliable partners);
  • of quality certifications ISO 9001 and environmental ISO 14001 (because it is important to prove that what is said is true!)

It is possible to produce in a certified quality system and remain on the market, it is possible to give added value to its products also respecting all the environmental norms, because this means to respect the people. The quality of our products is going to prove it.

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